Purchasing Polaris 4×4 Awnings

Customization of your awning is done by ordering the required products as per those shown on this page.
We recommend you determine the size awning you prefer from the options page. Then mounting bracket requirements. 
Then choose the walls you are wanting. Then windows and doors can be decided on. They can go on any wall you choose.
The layout on this page shows the terminology used to alleviate confusion.

Contact us for a comprehensive quote.

4x4 Outdoor Awnings
Side and Rear Awnings
Outdoor 4x4 Awnings
Rear Awning with one wall only. Walls can be zipped onto and side of the awning
Outdoor 4x4 Awnings
Walls can have windows and/or doors made to fit.
Awnings over 2500mm require 1, 2 or 3 curved supports to support the heavy duty canvas. As shown above.