We are a family company and pride ourselves of supplying trouble free products that can be used with the minimum of fuss. Being a family of campers and picnickers we know that one main ingredient of a “Happy Holiday” is having an outfit which is easy to set up, reliable, easy to pack away, affordable and safe to use. We are manufacturers as well as distributors of items that we consider to be high quality reliable products.


Polaris Innovations supply a range of Camping Gear including full 4×4 Awnings, Camp Ovens  Fire Pits, Camping Gear and Rod holders.
Our 4×4 Polaris Awnings are made in Australia to withstand our harsh Australian conditions. The other items we supply are mostly made in Australia by reputable high quality production companies.

4x4 Outdoor Awnings

Polaris 4×4 Awning
Made in Australia

Camp Fire Pit

Fold up Fire Pit and Accessories

Hillbilly Camping Gear

C-Gear Multi-Mat