Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set the awning up?

It takes only about one minute to set it up and pack it away.

Is the awning spring loaded?

Polaris awnings are made to be strong and withstand the vibrations and corrosion problems faced by off road situations. There are no springs or mechanisms involved that can cause problems.

Does everything pack into the zip up bag on the awning?

Everything except the walls, ropes and pegs. The walls come in a canvas bag.

Can I fit an awning to my vehicle as I cannot see my vehicle on any pages on this web site?

Yes, it can be fitted to any vehicle, all you need is a roof rack and we will supply the correct brackets to suit.

How much does the awning weigh?

The Middle range awning 2520 weighs about 15.5 kg The larger sizes get up to about 18 kg.

How do I fit it onto my vehicle?

When you receive the awning you also receive a set of fitting instructions with it. It is an easy job however it takes about 1.5 hours.

Will the rubbing caused by corrigated roads cause holes to wear in the canvas as I have seen happen to some of the brands?

Our awnings are made from 14.9oz Dynaproofed canvas. It is a thick and very strong material. Many of our awnings have been along the heaviest corrugated roads in Australia and do not show any signs of wear.

Can the awning be bolted to my camper or horse float?

Yes it can. The awning has an 80 X 40mm aluminium channel that runs along the vehicle. This can be bolted to any surface.

Can I have an awning made to the size I want?

Yes. We manufacture the awnings in Brisbane so we can change the size to suit your application.

Can the wind break on the front of the awning also zip onto the rear of the awning?

All zips run clockwise around the awning. Any wind break can be put on any side. The only restriction is the length of the wall. A wall 2000mm long will be 500mm short on a 2500mm wall.

Are the brackets, poles, ropes and pegs included in the price?

Yes they are all included in the price.

Do I need to use the ropes to hold it down?

The awning can be set up on the side of a mountain without falling over, however, if a gust of wind comes along it will blow it up and over the vehicle. The damage from this is easily fixed. However, it is better to use the ropes so you are not inconvenienced with repairs and the chance that more damage could happen. It only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Freight Can you send to my residential address?

Yes we can send to any address. All awnings are sent by TNT.