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Front, rear and end windbreaks are ziped onto the awning. They are then folded up and stored in a canvas bag supplied with the walls for transporting. In rainy weather the zips leak a very small bit of water however we can make flaps to go over the top of the zips to stop this from happening. The walls join in the corner with a velcro flap.
All windbreak prices are for the standard 2 meter height. Higher windbreaks are available on request.
Stainless steel "D" rings are sewn along the bottom edge of the walls to enable them to be peged down or raised with poles to extend the awning size. Poles are not included however we do have them available.
The canvas used on the awnings is 14.9oz with a Dynaproofed coating. This coating makes it breath air however it will not leak water. All stitching is lock stitched and the holes will not let water through. Walls are made from 10.9oz Dynaproofed canvas.
Many options available on the price list. We can also manufacture custom built sizes also.
There are no springs involved and all parts are of the highest quality available. Meaning that you will have many years of trouble free traveling with your awning.
All brackets, poles, ropes and pegs are included in the awning prices. Extras are available.

6 great colours available

These are the canvas colours. The Reinforced PVC Bag is very similar in colour and can be mixed and matched. Black bag colour is also available.


Although the awning can be errected on the side of a mountain without falling over, we advise to always use the ropes and pegs supplied. This easy precaution is to ensure the awning does not get blown over the vehicle in the event of a strong gust of wind blowing in the wrong direction. Use steel pegs for dirt and appropriate sand pegs for sand hammered well into the sand at an angle.


Code 1320 ----- 1300 along car 2000 out from car

Code 1420 ----- 1400 along car 2000 out from car

Code 1520 ----- 1500 along car 2000 out from car

Code 1820 ----- 1800 along car 2000 out from car

Code 1825 ----- 1800 along car 2500 out from car

Code 2020 ----- 2000 along car 2000 out from car

Code 2025 ----- 2000 along car 2500 out from car Standard 4X4 Size

Code 2520 ----- 2500 along car 2000 out from car Standard 4X4 Size

Code 2525 ----- 2500 along car 2500 out from car

Code 2530 ----- 2500 along car 3000 out from car

Code 3020 ----- 3000 along car 2000 out from car

Code 3025 ----- 3000 along car 2500 out from car

Code 3520 ----- 3500 along car 2000 out from car

Please contact us for a full price list price.

We also make sizes to order.


Poles Twist Lock 275cm
Steel Pegs 6mm x 220mm
Sand Pegs Polycarbonate 300mm
Double Tarp Support
Guy Rope 6mm Single with spring
Guy Rope 6mm Double with spring

Please go to the Mounting Page for the mounting bracket options and ideas.


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