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The following Photo,s are the basic setup guidelines.

The Awning is very quick and easy to setup and pack away.

Pic 1. The awning is transported neatly packed away in a heavy duty reinforced PVC bag.

Pic 2. Unzip the bag and undo both velcro tabs.

Pic 3. Pull out both spreader poles and while holding the roll, undo middle velcro tab and unroll the canvas..


Pic 4. With one end of the end aluminum resting on the ground, insert the spreader poll spigot into the 10MM hole in the end aluminum channel. Adjust the length of the spreader poll and lock the pole length. lower the pole held in the channel.

(New fittings have been developed for these spreader poles so they do not rub on the vehicle as this picture shows.)



Pic 5. Insert the other spreader poll into the other end and adjust the length of the spreader. Fold the last leg down and adjust the height of both legs.

Pegs and Ropes a supplied standard with all Awnings

Although the awning will stand on its own it is always best to use the ropes and suitable pegs in case of a strong wind developing that could blow the awning over the vehicle.

It is now time to relax in the shade.




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