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Price a hot $225.00 + freight

The Polaris Folding Camp Fire Pit is manufactured in Australia by Polaris Innovations.

One of the things that finishes off a camping or four wheel driving day is a nice camp fire. The camp fire is used for many things from cooking to heating water and just as a relaxation medium. It may also help keep the Dingoes away. Unfortunately in many camping areas, Open fires have been banned however in many areas, a fire in a Camp Fire Pit is still able to be used.

The banning of fires in a lot of cases is due to bush fires. There is also the mess of ash, broken glass and nails that are often left behind after a camp fire. With the Polaris Folding Camp Fire Pit it is easy to open one side and brush it out into a bag for the ash etc to be disposed of properly.

1. The Polaris Folding Fire Pits fold down to a flat package that can be easily stowed with the other luggage in the back of the vehicle. Pit size 56 x 56cm top of sides, 44 x 44cm base, 20cm high sides and 20 high legs. Folded up it is 56 x 44 x 8cm. Weight 17Kg.

2. The Polaris Folding Fire Pit can be used in many areas where ground fire pits are not allowed.

3. The Polaris Folding Fire Pit can also be used in the back yard or on the patio when not used on a trip and can be conveniently folded away for storage. (It is better to use a piece of metal or similar non combustible material to cover the ground under the fire pit. A large fire will cause damage to the grass or timber deck.)

4. The Polaris Camp Fire Pit has been tested with very large timber fires and has not shown signs of buckling. It is best not to throw large quantities of water on the fire pit while the steel is very hot.

To order, please contact us on 07 3713 7562 or email Can be picked up from Richlands Brisbane. Check out the Fire Pit Accessories page first.



Polaris Folding Camp Fire Pit stored in a heavy duty canvas bag with handles making it easy to carry.

The carry bag folds up like an envelope to make it easy to pack.



How to set up the Polaris Folding Camp Fire Pit


Step 1. Fold legs into upright position.

2. Turn Fire Pit over


3. Remove Velcro Strap.


4. Carefully fold both hinged sides out. Take care that connected sides do not fall away.

5. Fold sides around to connect with the adjacent sides.

6. Insert pins into the corners.


To brush out the Polaris Fire Pit. Simply remove one pin and fold one side out. Brush the ash into a bag and dispose of properly.


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